Rumbo La Salud

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The one thing I hate about the warmer weather is that I always retain so
much water.

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80 Day Weight Loss Challenge- Day 31

April 24, 2014

What are your favorite workout clothes you own?

I like wearing black. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a pair of sweatpants I own that are like leggings. They fit me so well and I don’t feel like I am carrying a ton of weight.

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Over people’s shit. All of the sudden all my friends have boyfriends and push me aside. Not only that but the shit that needs to be taken care of (organizations we are part of) is left for me to do.

Done. Done. Done x88252143

I’m completely disconnecting from everyone. Not going to send text, messages, post shit (except here) to see if they are really there for more.

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Got my ass up at 6. As hard as it was to get up today I went running.

My final run before the race in 3 days!!!

I’m such a slow runner. Whatever.